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Nature break

La Tablée du Marquenterre offers innovative local cuisine, bringing back the taste of forgotten vegetables and local products which compete in terms of their taste and colour.
Healthy, balanced cuisine created in bowls to awaken all your senses.
Depending on the time of year, you can taste traditional tomatoes in a pesto of fresh herbs, potimarron confit with saithe (pollock) flavoured with oxalis, not forgetting Bouchot mussels from the Baie de Somme.
As for dessert, your taste buds won’t be disappointed: salt butter cream caramel with walnut nougatine and creamy crisp chocolate are on the menu.

Self-service is open every day from noon to 3.00 pm
More than just a restaurant
Is also a terrace in the middle of the pines and a bar where you can enjoy local drinks (beers, apple juice), tea made with sea buckthorn as well as homemade ice-creams and crepes.
Bar open all day from 10.00 am to park closure.

Picnic version
For those who prefer the picnic version, baskets are available with picnic tables for you to use around the edge of the Maison du Parc

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